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At the beginning of the 20th century, the most powerful radio transmitter in Russia was located on New Holland Island,

providing unbroken communications between the Baltic and Black Sea fleets.

It was from this very building that Vladimir Lenin delivered his famous address “to all regimental, divisional, battalion, army and other committees, to all soldiers and sailors” that the revolution had been achieved.

Today, New Holland’s radio station is a mouthpiece for all that is happening on the island right now, as well as providing a unique social network in which the project’s team can put across information that cannot be conveyed using more conventional information portals and formats.
is an online radio-station with a constant playlist of music as well as a number of special programme formats, including
live musical performances
mixes by artists appearing on the island
podcasts from New Holland's residents
live event-broadcasts
original programmes and interviews
as well as live broadcasts of lectures
and public talks
NHI FM does not adhere to any one musical style when putting together its programming, and the entire broadcast schedule is the work of the many people who form part of the
New Holland: cultural urbanization project
so listeners will be able to hear all kinds of music on the station
The studio itself is located on the second floor of the Bottle House,
where you can also find anoutlet of Russia’s largest vinyl record shop, Imagine Club.

At the studio you can apply to become part of the New Holland: cultural urbanization project, meet the leading figures of our cultural programme, as well aspurchase or orde some of the world's rarest and most interesting vinyl.

The schedule of events and special programmes can be found in the Events section

NHI FM studio & Imagine Club opening hours: daily from 12 PM until 10 PM The Bottle House 2nd floor
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